Happy Air Sofa – No pump needed


Here are some tips and instructions to read before using it for the first time

1- For the first trial, use a strong fan in order to properly separate the internal two plastic membranes, otherwise the first use outside will be more difficult. Usually, it takes 2-3 practices before well assimilating the technique of inflation.

2- To inflate the Happy Air, always run in a straight line over a distance of 3-4 meters (do not spin on yourself). Fill one airbag at a time. If necessary, fill it with air 3-4-5… times each airbag for more firmness. Keep in mind that every time you inflate an airbag by running, the air builds up inside. It is the accumulation of air that makes it possible to inflate the Happy Air.

3- It’s easier when it’s windy, otherwise you need to run a little bit more. If there is no wind, then use the technique at # 2 several times.

4- It’s very important to roll the black sealing strip 4-5 times to conserve air 2h-6h before locking the security buckle. If after a few hours you desire more firmness, simply roll 1-2 times more the sealing strip.

5- It is normal sometimes to hear a sound of air at the extremity of the head. It is the air that moves inside the Happy Air. As the weight on it is heavier at the extremity, by distributing it more equally by placing the arms along the body, for example, the sound of the air diminishes. Do not worry, it's not a leak.

6- The Happy Air goes on snow, gravel, sand, grass, swimming pool and seawater (be careful in depositing it that there are no sharp tools on the ground). Let it dry before folding it back to the carry bag to prevent mildew.

7- Sit carefully on the Happy Air and do not to fall on it. The seams are double. All Happy Air are tested for air leakage for 2h, if it deflates a lot in less than 1h, it’s because it has not been inflated properly.

 *** Caution, if using a fan, do not put too much air inside, otherwise you cannot roll the sealing strip 4-5 times, the number of times recommended. ***

Warranty 6 months for manufacturing defects

 To inflate the Happy Air

The Happy Air fills better when outdoors

  • Fill both air tubes with straight movements (one at the time)
  • Trap air with the pc strip for both tubes
  • Once product is full inside both tubes, roll the sealing strip at least 4-5 times in order to plump up the Happy Air
  • Secure safety buckle

To deflate the Happy Air

  • Unlock the safety buckle and roll the Happy Air from one end


To clean the Happy Air

The Happy Air is dirt and moisture repellent. It's easy to clean simply with lukewarm water and neutral soap.